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How to care for gold and silver jewelry

Our jewelry is crafted in 9k or 18k gold or black rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. We use precious stones such as white and brown diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and a careful selection of freshwater pearls.

To protect the jewelry and prevent color changes, we recommend to:
Avoid direct contact with perfumes, creams, detergents, and other chemical products.
Remove before bathing and exercising. Sweat and high or humid temperatures could cause the oxidation of silver and certain gemstones.

Try to avoid scratches and impacts. Silver and gold are soft metals prone to scratching.
Store the jewelry in the provided flannel pouch in which it was delivered.

We remain at your disposal for any further questions or doubts.

How to clean gold and silver jewelry?


1. Create a solution by mixing warm water and pH-neutral soap.
2. In a bowl, immerse the jewelry in the above solution for 15/20 minutes. We recommend cleaning one or two pieces of gold jewelry at a time to avoid scratches.
3. If necessary (for carved or very cloudy jewelry), gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush.
4. Rinse under running water and dry thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth.

1. Apply a small amount of silver jewelry solution onto a soft cloth.
2. Gently rub the jewelry several times.
3. Rinse well in warm water.
4. Dry by patting, and polish with a cloth or gloves.